The Huron Area Arts Council was incorporated in 1974 to assist, encourage and promote the Arts in the city of Huron and the surrounding area. Over the years the Arts Council has sponsored summer arts camps, theatrical productions, graphics arts exhibitions and various musical performances.

For the past several years we have shared sponsorship of a Christmas Tree exhibition and competition and on even-numbered years provide for a Children's Theatre production during the summer months.

This Web site is available for use of patrons and providers of artistic services and products. It is our hope that people of the area will refer to these pages when looking for entertainment and enrichment.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Huron Area Arts Council, please contact us using the email block at the left of this message or attend one of our regular meetings as listed on the Calendar.

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»7Apr06 – »HoverPix

The header image was taken south of Huron in early April. No green leaves were visible but the frogs were calling. The image was mirrored to avoid disconcerting tile breaks.

»7Apr06 – »Spring


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